Things I like, friends’ sites, and such, organized anarchically (i.e., without paybacks, organization, or objectivity). Unfortunately, some of my favourite writers and artists don’t have their own websites, and so aren’t included here.

NorthVanBJJ in North Vancouver. Best BJJ club in the world.

Gaya Art Space in Bali. Best art gallery in Indonesia, also includes gourmet Italian restaurant, bungalows on a jungle gorge, and a ceramic studio that supplies Bulgari and Armani Casa with some of their most unique pieces.

Susi Johnston in Bali. Blog weaving together Southeast Asian arts and antiquities; architecture, interiors and design; Indonesian textiles; and Bali. By a very smart lady.

Agile Design Group in Canada. There are 3000 government buildings in Ottawa, and 32,000 possible barriers to the handicapped listed under Canadian accessibility laws. Whenever I find myself running a large city and in need of a fluidly intelligent system architecture to manage accessibility, I use Agile.

Stefan Sagmeister in Bali, New York, Austria, Australia; at TED conferences; on the cover of Rolling Stones’ albums; and in other randomly interesting places. I used to think design was the antithesis of art — or, at best, it’s ugly stepsister — until I saw Stefan’s work. Then I thought art needed to do some catching up.

Motor Power Company in Italy. I know everyone has their own favourite mechatronic systems manufacturer — only gelaterias, religions and illegal Chinese calisthenics engender a more fanatical devotion — but when I need a motor, robot, or motion-control system that will triple-lutz before picking a speck of dust out of my belly button, gently, two thousand times per second, I go to MPC.

Speaking of gelaterias, the best one is Gelateria Ugo, Via San Felice 24, Bologna, Italy. And Gaya has a brand new one. Everything from Italian hazelnuts to Balinese durian. Italians do make the best gelato.

Not the best pizza, though. Best pizza is in Brooklyn: Anna Maria Pizza on the corner of N.7th and Bedford, run by Mexicans. Sure it’s got the atmosphere of a hospital emergency room overrun by drunk hipsters, but the lasagna pizza is just about the perfect food — a full, meaty lasagna right on top of a pizza. It’s nearly impossible to get an Italian to even understand the beauty of that concept. If you can’t handle that sort of brick in the belly, try the spinach, roasted garlic and tomato slice.

Diane Greco in New York. [narcissism, vanity, exhibitionism, ambition, vanity, vanity, vanity]

James Allen Hall in and around the United States. Passion, not beauty. Obsessing about obsessing.

Ben Enoch in Tennessee. A collection of practical and useless information delivered in slack-jawed monologues.

Anna Solomon in Brooklyn. The who, the where, the what.

IrajIsaac Rahmin wherever there’s oil. When you just need to get you some petroleum processing.

Mark Madel in Bali and Amsterdam. For when you want to see how long you can maintain a meaningful relationship with a bracelet box, and other great interactive computer and electronic art.

Parker Meyer in Charleston and Amsterdam. Not just curb appeal. Includes chard and chives.

Laila Lalami in Los Angeles and Morocco.

C-Arts Magazine in Asia. First English-language pan-Asian art magazine. And, yeah, I write for them.

Amy Holman in the US. A poet and prose writer who helps other writers identify markets for their work.

Ru Freeman in the US. Dress the part and the role becomes you.

Webstep in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. When Slartibartfast built those fjords he used these guys for the software consulting. They’re that good. (Why is it that Vikings make the best techies?)

Debbie Kuan in the US. Poetry, art reviews, and short fiction.

[more coming soon]

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