Eight languages

Harvard Law School (with honors)

McGill University (economics — first in class)

California bar

Writing awards include PEN Prize and Best New American Voices nomination



HARVARD LAW SCHOOL; Cambridge, MA; Juris Doctor (1999): cum laude; first Slovak citizen to graduate from Harvard Law with JD: recognized by Pres. Schuster of Slovakia

McGILL UNIVERSITY; Montreal, PQ, Canada; BA Economics (1994): Brian Coughlan Prize for highest GPA in Economics program; James McGill Scholarship (x3)





Morgan Stanley, Van Kampen Investments and others;                                                                                                     09/2002 to present


Writer for Morgan Stanley and Van Kampen Investments marketing department, including brochures, product launches, etc. Project manager for 64 monthly Liquidity Portfolio factsheets (min. investment $10 million each). Editor and proofreader for monthly and quarterly publications. Proofread and edited over 5,000 reports to date. Other freelance writing clients include The City of New York, Rockhopper Research, Action Insights, and various magazines and newspapers. Everything from financial reports to art criticism.



C-Arts Magazine;                                                                                                                                                               08/2007 to present


Editor of first English-language pan-Asian art magazine.



Gaya Art Space; Bali, Indonesia                                                                                                                                          07/2002 to 12/2007


Final responsibility for all aspects of Indonesia’s most influential contemporary art gallery. Directly handled all gallery publicity and marketing. Editor-in-chief of Gaya Art News. See




Baker and McKenzie; San Francisco, CA                                                                                  10/1999 to 09/2000′ internships in 1997 and 1998


Practiced international commercial law, including US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Sudanese shari’a and 500 page addenda on minor differences in ball bearings and ball-bearing classifications. Member of California bar.




McGill University and University of Chicago, Paleontology                                                                                                        Sahara: 1997

Bylot Island (High Arctic): 2003


Paleontological expedition to Niger, West Africa, under Paul Sereno (U. Chicago). First-ever Mesozoic paleontology expedition to the Canadian High Arctic (Sirmilik National Park.), under Hans Larsson (McGill).







· Writing Awards:

o PEN/Nob Hill Award

o Best New American Voices 2006 nominee

o Official Bread Loaf 2004 representative (US writing conference, 1600 applicants)

o James Jones Prize, semi-finalist

o New Millenium Writing contest, 2nd place (of 1400)

o Fish Publishing contest shortlist


· Fiction Publications:

o Chicago Quarterly Review, “Metropolitan Avenue,” (summer 2008)

o Chicago Quarterly Review, “Before the Law: a Rebuttal,” (winter 2007)

o Transition Magazine, “The River Lena,” issue #96 (spring 2007)

o Phantasmagoria, “Rain,” (winter 2005)

o Fiction International special issue on The Sacred, the Visionary, and Shamanism, “Pulling Shadows,” (fall 2005)

o Literary Imagination: The Review of the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics, “Bureaucracy,” (fall 2005)


· Select Nonfiction Publications:

o C-Arts Magazine, “Taylor Momsen’s Secret Sex With a Green Fat Toxic Cancer Tumor,” (September 2010)

o C-Arts Magazine, “Ashley Bickerton’s Sad Anthropologists,” (July 2010)

o C-Arts Magazine, “Edible Language,” (April 2010)

o C-Arts Magazine, “Magic,” (January 2010)

o C-Arts Magazine, “The Brand is Dead! Long Live the Brand,” (December 2009)

o Liberty Magazine, “The Happy Anarchist,” (October 2009)

o C-Arts Magazine, “Interview with Damien Hirst: New Paintings,” (July 2009)

o C-Arts Magazine, “Fear,” (July 2009)

o C-Arts Magazine, “Happiness,” (May 2009)

o C-Arts Magazine, “Made Wianta: Love,” (May 2009)

o C-Arts Magazine, “The World Wide Web of Word of Mouth,” (March 2009)

o C-Arts Magazine, “The Beauty of the Lie,” (January 2009)

o C-Arts Magazine, “Art as a Lifestyle,” (December 2008)

o C-Arts Magazine, “Handbags of the Apocalypse,” (September 2008)

o C-Arts Magazine, “Hers,” (September 2008)

Gaya Art News, “Reading Objects,” (July 2008)

o C-Arts Magazine, “Living Sculptures: the Myth of the Eternal Golf Course,” (July 2008)

o C-Arts Magazine, “Synthetic Times: Media Art Now,” (July 2008)

o C-Arts Magazine, “The Other Shoe,” (May 2008)

o C-Arts Magazine, “Asia Contemporary Art Week,” (May 2008)

C-Arts Magazine, “Art and Automobile: BMW’s Art Cars,” (March 2008)

Harper’s Bazaar, “Michelle Swayne,” pp. 186-190 (December 2007)

Gaya Art News, “Made Wianta — Sharp” (December 2007)

C-Arts Magazine, “Indonesian Art and the Primordial Androgyne,” pp.115-121 (November 2007)

C-Arts Magazine, “Michelle Swayne: Yellow, But Not The Sun,” p.136 (November 2007)

Bali and Beyond, “Yellow, But Not The Sun,” p.42 (November 2007)

Tennessee Tribune, “Michelle Swayne: From Tennessee to Indonesia,” pp.8-10 (October 2007)

Suardi Magazine, “Sisi Puitik Pada Seni Rupa Michelle Swayne,” pp. 25-27 (pseudonymously, as Desak Dharmayanti), October 2007

Gaya Art News, “Michelle Swayne: Yellow, But Not The Sun” (October 2007)

Gaya Art News, “11 Totems” (August 2007)

Gaya Art News, “Anti-Aging: 15 Cemeti Artists” (June 2007)

Harper’s Bazaar, “Filippo Sciascia,” pp. 145-148 (March 2007)

Best Bets Bali, “Gaya Fusion” (January 2005),

The Globe and Mail, “Dinosaurs on the Roof,” p. A.25 (September 2003)

The Globe and Mail, “Bali: Paradise Lost,” p. A.22 (October 2002)

Shambhala Sun, “Earthquake in the Himalayas” (March 2002)

Liberty Magazine, “Paradise” (January 2002)

The Globe and Mail, “Red Flag Rising over Nepal” (June 2001)

The European Journal of International Law, “Ethics, Morals and International Law” (Spring 1999, p.1-37; Oxford)

o The Golden Gate Law Review, “The Development of Legal Culture in the Czech Republic” (Spring 1999, pp.163-204)


· Columns:

o Harvard Law Record: chief editorial columnist; more than 40 fiction, non-fiction, poetry, humor, and opinion pieces published between 1996 and 1999

o McGill Red Herring: humor writer


· Speechwriting:

o Testimony to NY City Council Public Safety Committee for Chair and ED of NY CCRB, 2002-2004.


· Corporate Text:

o Product launches and marketing brochures for Morgan Stanley, Van Kampen Investments, Motor Power Group, Gaya Art Space; quarterly and annual reports and over 15,000 fact cards; New York City CCRB status reports; restaurant menus, various other promotional materials, focus group reports, etc


· Website Text: